Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into our daily diet

By: Beth Bennett

Eating more fruits and vegetables is important to our overall health. But if you’re not a person who has always practiced this habit how do you begin? Start with making one healthy choice per meal and then one entire healthy mindful meal per week. More on mindfulness tomorrow.

Depending on your starting point, eating healthy takes time to plan but not necessarily to prepare. Think about what the healthy meal is going to be and make sure you have all the ingredients. Consider how much time it will take to prepare the meal. Get everyone’s buy in by including the entire family in the decision about what you will eat. If possible include everyone in the meal preparation as well.

Consider this; you eat three meals per day, seven days a week. If you eat more healthy meals 75-80% of the time in a week, that’s 16 meals that are healthy. This way there is no feeling of failure if you aren’t eating an entirely healthy meal every time you eat. But you are making at least one healthy choice every time you eat.

Pass the broccoli please.


To find easy and delicious recipes that help you plan meals with more fruits, vegetables and whole grains visit the website for the American Institute of Cancer Research.

The Gathering Place offers a number of  hands-on cooking classes for individuals coping with their own or a loved ones diagnosis. Click here for a listing of upcoming classes.


Beth Roth, PT, MA, MS, RD/LD, is a registered dietitian and physical therapist. She provides individual consultations and physical assessments for participants, teaches hands-on cooking classes and oversees the exercise program at The Gathering Place. Find out more about Beth and all of our staff.

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