Making more healthy food choices & weight loss

By: Beth Bennett

After a cancer diagnosis, nutrition can become a very important focus for many individuals. It can be a tool towards better health and as research is beginning to indicate, an opportunity to help reduce the risk of recurrence for some cancers. Regardless of where you are in life, making more healthy food choices is an important part of our overall health and quality of life. But how do you decipher all the information currently available on a daily basis?

When I work with participants at The  Gathering Place, I recommend they look at their starting point when making changes to how they eat and setting goals. It really has to be about the individual and where he or she is right now and where they would like to be. Much of the information we see in print and on television is more focused on what we should or shouldn’t eat. I suggest more of a focus on where you want to be in six months to a year.

Many people want to eat healthier in order to lose weight. So for six months to a year – which is a realistic time frame- focus on eating in such a way that you can lose 7-10% of your body weight. This helps anyone to significantly improve their health profile. For most people this means losing about a pound a week. This kind of weight loss is more easily maintained over time and when combined with exercise helps retain and build muscle mass.

We’ll be blogging about nutrition all week. Do you have any specific questions around nutrition and cancer? Share them and I’ll be happy to respond.

Beth Roth, PT, MA, MS, RD/LD, is a registered dietitian and physical therapist. She provides individual consultations and physical assessments for participants at The Gathering Place,  teaches hands-on cooking classes and oversees the exercise program at The Gathering Place. Find out more about Beth and all of our staff.

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