Our Art Galleries

The Gathering Place East and West Art Galleries are proud to exhibit and promote artists from our community. We invite you to come and view the various mediums including photography, paintings, glass, quilts and portraits.



The Gathering Place West

West April June 2014The Gathering Place is bringing home works from the Art of Giving campaign that were on display at the Progressive Insurance campus this winter.  This exhibit features works created during art therapy classes at The Gathering Place.  Considering each piece individually and then collectively provides perspective on how cancer touches individuals and how the experiences of others can affect one’s journey.  The exhibit includes photographs, collages and paintings.  Also featured are sculptures created by those touched by cancer as part of the Transformations exhibit, a collaboration with The Cleveland Clinic, North Coast Cancer Foundation and University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center.  Radiation masks worn by individuals during treatment were embellished to embody the emotions and experiences of cancer patients.   Pieces will be on display at the art gallery at The Gathering Place west until June, 2014.


The Gathering Place East

East April June 2014Adrianne Pitts brings her works to The Gathering Place to share her personal experience and passion for art.  Pitts worked as a fabric painting designer in the 1990′s and her interests expanded to include painting on canvas.  In the face of cancer, Pitts’ passion for art faded until she took part in the art therapy program at The Gathering Place.  Her works demonstrate her renewed passion for creating original works.  Her exhibition includes mixed media pieces including paintings and sculptures.  The Adrianne Pitts exhibit is on display until June, 2014.  Read Adrianne Pitts’ artist’s statement here.














Painting by Bob Parry