Financial Assistance

How can I get financial assistance for my cancer-related expenses?

There are several local and national organizations to help with the expenses of cancer.

General Financial Assistance

Cancer Cares

  • Cancer Cares offers financial assistance for some expenses associated with cancer treatment for those who qualify.
  • Visit or call 800-813-4673 for more information.

Karen E. Mumford Cancer Foundation

Good Charity Fund

  • The Good Charity Fund’s Financial Assistance Program provides financial support to those whose needs match the cause of their internal funds.  Currently causes relevant to those touched by cancer include:  breast cancer patient/family support, pediatric leukemia/lymphoma, and any terminal illness diagnosis.
  • To apply for funding, click here and fill out the form in the green box in the middle right of the page.
  • Please note that the committee that reviews funding decisions meets monthly, so urgent financial needs are often not able to be met.

Coping with the Cost of Care

  • Cancer Support Communities, a group of non-profit support centers in the US, has published a useful booklet about all aspects of costs of cancer care.  The information ranges from how to read an insurance card to how to contact pharmaceutical companies about the cost of medication.  Click here to see a PDF of the booklet.
  • The Gathering Place provides support to individuals touched by cancer in Northeast Ohio and is always available as a resource for cost of care questions.  Please call us at 216-595-9546 with questions or to learn more about our free programs and services.


Specific Cancers Financial Assistance

Angel Network

  • Free mammograms for African-American women in Cleveland
  • Call 216-491-7827 or 216-491-6407 for more information.

JD Breast Cancer Foundation

  • The JD Breast Cancer Foundation enhances survivorship through financial assistance and support.
  • Visit or call 216-791-9447 for more information.

Karen P. Nakon Foundation

  • The mission of the Karen P. Nakon Breast Cancer Foundation is to grant direct financial aid to women and their families in Ohio who are burdened with the high cost of breast cancer treatments.
  •  Visit or call 440-930-8000 for more information.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

  • Provides support for all the blood cancers
  • Contact Debbie Kendig at 216-910-1234

Michael G. Belz Foundation

  • Help for those with brain tumors
  • Email or visit

Rise Above It

  • Support for young adults facing the expenses of cancer treatment.
  • Visit  for more information.


Specific Financial Assistance


  • Every pharmaceutical company has a “compassionate care” program that may provide financial assistance for chemotherapy treatments.
  • Each company requires an application.  Before you begin filling out the application, make sure to have the names of all the drugs you are taking and who the manufacturer is.
  • Click here for information about pharmaceutical assistance programs.
  • This process can be complicated and overwhelming, so we invite you to ask our medical librarian, Eileen Coan, for more help.  Click here to email Eileen Coan.

Cancer Resources


Finding  a Wig

HairPeace Wig Salon

  • The Gathering Place has a wig salon at both locations that offers synthetic wigs at no cost to women experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment.
  • Call 216-595-9546 to make an appointment with a wig specialist.
  • Visit our HairPeace Wig Salon page to learn more.

Hair Peace Charities in Pittsburgh, PA

  • Find financial aid for women needing help purchasing a new wig.
  • Visit for more information.



The Association of Community Cancer Centers


Housing During Cancer Treatment


Household Assistance

Cleaning for a Reason

  • As a nonprofit serving the entire United States and Canada, they partner with maid services to offer professional house cleanings to help women undergoing treatment for any type of cancer.
  • Visit or call 877-337-3348 for more information.

HEAP – Home Energy Assistance Program

  • HEAP is a federally funded program administered by the Ohio Development Services Agency’s Office of Community Assistance designed to help eligible low-income Ohioans meet the high costs of home heating. In most cases, the one-time benefit will be a credit applied to your energy bill by your utility company (or fuel vendor).
  • Visit or call 800-282-0880 for more information.


Make-a-wish programs Database

  • A detailed list of wish-granting programs for children, families, young adults, and adults.
  • Click here to view the list
  • It is always a good idea to be cautious when investigating a new program.  Please contact Eileen Coan, medical librarian at The Gathering Place, for advice on how to find the best make-a-wish program.  Click here to email Eileen Coan



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