How do I find a medical expert in the field of oncology?

The Gathering Place does not recommend particular physicians, hospitals or treatments. We are glad to give you contact information and/or professional histories of specific doctors, such as who is the Head of a particular department.

It is understandable for a family facing cancer to want to find the very best doctor in a particular field. Please know that there are medical experts who focus on research. Often, these doctors are widely published in their field, and often quoted in the media, but they may not take appointments. Sometimes it is just as helpful to visit the facility they are doing research in and meet the doctors who do see patients there.

We are very lucky here in Northeast Ohio to have several large, well-respected, academic medical centers, offering ‘cutting-edge’ research and clinical trials.

It is public information if a doctor has been sanctioned in some way by the licensing board of their state. Disciplinary actions can include malpractice, wrongful death lawsuits, and licensure revoking. For Ohio medical board, go to: