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Yoga class

Gentle Movement

Gentle movement classes are for participants who are looking for a way to explore movement in a calming and refreshing way.  Classes are small and held in a supportive and welcoming atmosphere.  All gentle movement classes are adaptable for those with limitations in movement and are taught by certified instructors.

Tai chi and yoga classes are for those currently dealing with cancer in their daily lives. This includes those in treatment, those who are coping with the physical and/or emotional side effects of treatment, those who are actively supporting someone with cancer, or someone who is grieving the recent loss of a loved one from cancer. Yoga and tai chi classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and health.

Click on the link below to see a list of our current gentle movement offerings.

Gentle Movement Programs, April-June 2015

Exercise Programs

Exercise classes at The Gathering Place are small group sessions designed to help those with cancer learn to stay active during or after treatment.  Our exercise specialist on staff, Steven Cerne, works with our certified dietitian, Beth Roth, to ensure that participants receive personalized and caring support during sessions.

Exercise Classes are open to individuals in treatment for cancer or coping with side effects of treatment. Classes include resistance training using light weights, bands and balls and strength equipment.  Written medical authorization from your physician is required. New participants must contact Beth Bennett, Betsy Kohn or Susan Marinac for a fitness assessment before attending exercise classes.  Advance registration is required for all exercise classes.

Click on the link below to see a list of our current exercise offerings.

Exercise Programs, April-June 2015

Fit in a Minute

See our certified fitness trainer, Stephen Cerne, in our informational segment, Fit in a Minute!


Contact Beth Bennett at bennett@touchedbycancer.org  or call 216-595-9546 with any questions.