Expressive Arts

SANY0007Expressive arts at The Gathering Place provide participants with a different way to understand the emotions that arise when one is touched by cancer.  A variety of activities are offered each quarter and can include painting on canvas, pottery crafting, mask making, drumming circles and book and movie discussions.

Expressive art classes are for those currently dealing with cancer in their daily lives.  This includes those in treatment, those who are coping with the physical and/or emotional side effects of treatment, those who are actively supporting someone with cancer, or someone who is grieving the recent loss of a loved one from cancer.   Certified art therapists, therapists and social workers lead our expressive arts classes.

The link below provides more information about current cancer-specific programs.  Please note this is a link to a PDF file.

Expressive Arts Programs, April-June 2015

Please call us at 216-595-9546 with questions or for more information.