Tributes To Loved Ones

Gifts in honor of life-cycle events of loved ones, including birthdays, anniversaries, and wishes for speedy recoveries, as well as memorial giving, provide an opportunity to acknowledge those meaningful times.  When special life cycle events occur, please consider making contributions to The Gathering Place.  We will promptly acknowledge the requested individual, family or organization.

There are a number of opportunities at The Gathering Place to acknowledge the special people and events in your life.  Following are special contributions that allow for attribution in our facility.

Library Funds
The Mt. Sinai Community Partners Education Center and Lending Library is a vital asset in our programs and services.  For one-time gifts of at least $500, a plaque can be added to our donor wall in the library.

Pond of Life
In our healing garden, there is a sculpture of a glass pond which hangs on the wall.  “Floating” in this pond are glass lily pads with names of people and groups who have had a significant impact on our community.  These lily pads can be purchased for $1,200.

Celebration of Life Funds
Through a minimum donation of $5,000, our Celebration of Life funds are designed to grow over time via continued donations.  Due to the nature of their perpetuity, these funds are an excellent way of acknowledging life cycle events forever.  A plaque hangs in our indoor garden acknowledging the following special people.

Brick Pavers
Click here for more information about purchasing at brick pavers at both locations of The Gathering Place.

Tribute Cards
Tribute Cards are also available for purchase.  These cards, which come in packs of five, sell for $50 and allow you to make a tribute gift and include your own note.  If you would like to purchase these cards, please come and see Ben, Maureen, or Sue at The Gathering Place.

For more information, or to make a Tribute Contribution, please click on the “Donate Online” button at the top of the page or contact our Chief Development Officer, Beth Darmstadter at 216.595.9546 or