Research Opportunities

Periodically The Gathering Place is contacted by a university or hospital seeking help to recruit individuals for a research opportunity. We have never and will never sell or give away our database of participants. We agree to pass along opportunities that meet our criteria (see paragraph below) to you via this website. Below are links to research projects that you may follow up on if you are interested. We do not endorse or recommend them, just bring them to your attention.

Current Research Opportunities

The research opportunities we post on our website and bulletin board change often.  Please visit this website at a later date to view current outside research opportunities.

Posting a Research Opportunity at The Gathering Place

The Education Center at The Gathering Place has boards outside of our libraries and this webpage  where we may post information from outside researchers to inform participants at The Gathering Place about their study and the opportunity to participate. Prior to posting, the researcher will need to submit to the Chief Programming Officer at The Gathering Place a copy of the research proposal or a copy of the IRB approval. When there are questions about proposals from outside researchers, they will be forwarded to the Research Committee for review.  Email our chief programming officer.